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Steve C.

, BG0010001F62D
BudGenius® Scientific Analysis Online Report
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Bud Genius® Scientific Analysis Report

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    Palmdale, CA

    Pathogen index:pathogen index

    Current effect rating 70%

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    Analyzed 06/04/2015

    Bud Genius Laboratories (CA1)

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    High Rating


    Sleep Aid


    Pain Relief


    Nausea Relief


    Anxiety Relief


    Appetite Stimulation


Just as effects differ with prescription medication use, the chemical compounds contained within cannabis may have varied effects upon each individual. The above ratings are a determination based upon scientific trials and user review data as calculated by the BudGenius® Core Engine™, a proprietary data mining technology. None of the statements in this web site have been evaluated by the FDA. Furthermore, none of the statements in this web site should be construed as dispensing medical advise or making claims regarding the cure of diseases. You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement or medical program especially if you are pregnant or have any pre existing injuries or medical conditions.


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Chemical Analysis

Cannabinoids are a group of compounds responsible for the effects in cannabis

Cannabinoid   General Effects %
9-Tetrahydrocannabinol 9-THC Analgesic, neuroprotector, appetite stimulant 24.36%
Cannabidiol CBD Anti-anxiety, anti-convulsant, inhibits cancer cell growth 0.38%
Cannabinol CBN Modifies "high", byproduct of THC degradation 0.29%
8-Tetrahydrocannabinol 8-THC Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%
Cannabichromene CBC Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%
Cannabicyclol CBL Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%
Cannabielsoin CBE Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%
Cannabigerol CBG Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%
Cannabinidiol CBND Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%
Cannabitriol CBT Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%
Miscellaneous types Additional information coming soon. < 0.05%


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Customer Rating
By Delta Nine Extractions , Antelope Valley, CA
Primary Use:
High Rating
Secondary Use:
Pain Relief
Buzz Length:
3.5 hour(s)
Other effects: +ADD/ADHD +Arthritis +Glaucoma +Migraines +Multiple Sclerosis +Muscle Relaxer +Opiate Withdrawal +PMS/PMDD
What's great about it: When you double bag it and it still stinks up the room you have a good idea that you're down with a Kush. Over 25 yrs. of experience, back when there were Skunk, Og, Bubba, and that was it other than the origin strains from specific regons. Acapulco gold, Columbian, Panama red, and Hawaiian. If you know that there was the original Hindu Kush. It ended in Northern California Oregon and a few other places and got the name skunk. The reason was well.. It was stinky. I have had all varieties of Kushes over the yrs. This strain is true KUSH. Reminds me of Humboldt Skunk from the early 80's. The smell is what it tastes like. Not just fragrant and tasty but with high potency that shines like the smell/taste. This is a absolute TRUE KUSH. Certain strains remind patients of the good ol' time Skunk, Hindu, and they don't make em like they used to. Well this is where it's at. The most pure, pungent, and potent strains around. This is medical at its finest.
What's not so great: A little thick so a grinder, scissors or just has to be broke up for a even smoke. So if being solid is bad.. One of my favorite kushes around. So all reminiscent of the good ol' days.
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