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Higher Healing Patients Association

5995 Mission Gorge Road Suite C, San Diego, California

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While we are constantly working to achieve our daily goal of providing our members with a complete, professional, and enjoyable experience, we are also working toward our long term vision. 

We see Higher Healing Patients Association as a complete Natural Healing Center with the Higher Good of all mankind at the center of its focus and practices.  In the future, all the strains on our ever-expanding menu will be of the highest (hydroponic), organic quality.  All medicine will be sustainably grown indoors with renewable energy or in professional, enclosed, air cooled, temperature-controlled greenhouses using the techniques we have developed through more than fifteen years of experience.  The medicine produced for the Higher Healing Patients Association will be all-natural and One Hundred Percent beneficial for the body and our planet.

All Higher Healing Patients Association grow and patient facilities will utilize renewable energy and sustainable practices in order to make our ecological footprint as small as possible.

The Higher Healing Patients Association will include a complete Natural Healing Center free to all members.  This will include massage, Yoga, meditation, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Reiki, and many other cutting edge healing technologies. We will offer educational classes in growing, marijuana history and current politics, health and healing techniques.

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