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Kompo Care

600 S. Centennial Blvd., Taylor, Arizona

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Kompo Care is a family owned and operated Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Taylor, Arizona.

We are a state licensed, not-for-profit organization.

At Kompo Care we strive to help our patients towards the quality of life they deserve. We emphasize the importance of Compassionate Care for each individual’s medical condition and we offer exceptional service. Our knowledgeable staff is professional and approachable and will help you with any questions you may have.

Kompo Care is committed to providing the best medical marijuana to all our patients. All our strains and other products offered at our dispensary are of the highest quality.

With wellbeing of our clients at heart and security in mind, you can feel safe when visiting our dispensary and relax in the comfort while we help you chose the best product for your needs.

Website: Kompo Care

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