Frequently Asked Questions

» Why was BudGenius® created?

BudGenius® was created out of necessity to bring safety and quality assurances to the medical cannabis community. You wouldn't find individuals with a stuffy nose headed to their local pharmacy to buy cold medicine that was mixed and manufactured in a neighbor's basement. Yet literally, this is the current approach within the medicinal cannabis industry. BudGenius® insures that medicine provided to patients is now free of pathogens and fit for safe consumption.

» How does BudGenius® help me choose the right medicine?

Cannabis is an extraordinary medicine with a variety of benefits determined by each plant’s genetic qualities. In our surveys of patients and doctors it became clear that rows of humorously named strains in a dispensary wasn't effective in treating patient ailments. For example, over-the-counter sinus medications found within pharmacies each represent a combination of 5 basic active ingredients. This in itself can be a confusing purchase between drowsy, non-drowsy, daytime, nighttime, cough, flu, and a variety of marketing terms. Compare this to medicinal cannabis, which is composed of over 60 unique «cannabinoids» in varying strengths that each address specific ailments and produce distinct effects upon consumption. BudGenius® cuts through the confusion and introduces an industry standard to insure patients are being matched to the correct medicine for their specific ailments.

» How is BudGenius® different from other testing procedures?

Utilizing years of research, our staff of qualified doctors and technologists have carefully crafted the proprietary engine that sits at the core of the BudGenius® experience. Each unique set of cannabinoids is analyzed through a set of complex algorithms to determine the end result effects for each consumer. BudGenius® directly answers patient concerns such as «Will this medicine help increase my appetite?», «Will this medicine help reduce my anxiety?», «Will this medicine affect my mental alertness?», and similar symptomatic questions.

Furthermore, BudGenius® listens to you! With legal cannabis usage being an emerging industry, BudGenius® recognizes that the best test results are your own experiences. It is no secret that all medications, both prescription and herbal, affects everyone differently. Based on the input of your personal experiences BudGenius®' amazing patent-pending technology will learn your tendencies, compare this against the chemical composition of each strain, and then recommend the best strain for your needs! BudGenius® is the only analytical engine that balances scientific results, community input, and personal experiences to provide a strain recommendation custom tailored for you.

» What are the benefits of BudGenius® to me?

As a dispensary, BudGenius® provides a clear path to match your customers to safe and applicable medicine. Utilizing the BudGenius® Portfolio™ will assist you in maintaining an inventory to treat a wide diversity of symptoms at the most cost-efficient rates from your growers. By joining our team of participating cannabis providers you signify to your community that you are joining a caliber of professionals dedicated to top tier product excellence.

As a grower, BudGenius® empowers you to professionally communicate the effectiveness of your cultivated medicine. We know you take great care to choose the best environment, medium, and nutrients for your plants. We recognize that you take great care to insure the absolute best quality. By adopting BudGenius® into your growing methods, you unquestionably communicate the value of your crop.

As a patient and as a doctor, BudGenius® ensures that available medicine upholds the highest available safety standards. It is important to know exactly what patients are putting in their body. Too often medicine choices are based on whimsical reputations, trial and error, or humorous names. Finally, a professional solution exists to matches medicinal choices to medicinal needs!


Sinus medications generally consist of one or more of the following ingredients: phenylephrine, dextromethorphan, guaifenesin, chlorpheniramine maleate, diphenhydramine, and a pain reliever such as aspirin, acetominaphine, or something else.

Although the BudGenius® Engine is constructed from scientific usage data, it is not considered a medical authority. BudGenius always recommends you consult your physician for proper patient care.

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