What Are Bookmarks?

Here at BudGenius, we make it easy to keep track of your medicinal marijuana information. Once you sign up for a free BudGenius account, you can easily keep track of all of your safe marijuana preferences! There are three categories of bookmarks at the top of every Strain Report:

  • I’m Interested: This bookmark is for all of those strains of medicinal cannabis that you haven't tried yet, but that really appeal to you. Whether the THC, CBD, and CBN levels revealed by the BudGenius testing are similar to other strains you've tried and enjoyed or the peer reviews catch your eye, click this button to save for future reference.
  • I've Tried It: Click on this option if you've tried this particular strain of cannabis and want to remember it. This strain may not be a favorite, but was something you may want to find again or could be substituted if a favorite can't be found at your dispensary.
  • It's a Favorite: This is the button you want if you've tried this strain of cannabis and it had everything you were looking for. These strains of medicinal marijuana are ideal for treating your symptoms and give you the maximum relief with minimal side effects.
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