What is a Strain Report?

So what is the big deal with this Strain Report that BudGenius offers anyway? Well, when your medicinal marijuana is tested with BudGenius, we create our Strain Report so that you have access to as much information about your bud as we can possibly give you. Every single sample that we test gets a report just like this! It's like an all-out dossier on your tested weed, from where it was grown to what it should do. Here's a visual breakdown of what you can expect to find in your report:

This is our Scientific Analysis Report

This is our Scientific Analysis Report. In the boxes above, you'll find lots of technical information on your tested weed.

  • Box 1 contains all of the information about the marijuana itself. The Strain ID is like a drivers license number, making sure we can always match our samples to the medicinal marijuana at the dispensary and to your filled prescription. Also included in this box is information about where the tested bud was grown, who grew it, and what conditions it may have been grown in. The common name is also given here — in this example, it's Orange Diesel.
  • Box 2 includes our Pathogen Index. The Pathogen Index is a good guideline for determining the safety and contaminant level of your bud, and is ranked as None, Low, Medium, or High. These contaminants may be anything from mold to pesticide, and we recommend the following guideline on these ratings:
    • None: Go for it! This bud is safe as safe can be! Super-green light.
    • Low: There may be a few contaminants here, but nothing life-threatening. We'd give you a green light!
    • Medium: Ooh. How healthy are you feeling? Definitely a yellow light!
    • High: Back away from the bud! This sample contains very high levels of contaminants and gets a major red light!
  • Box 3 is a very special feature that you control! It's our Current Effect Rating, and this number is largely based on the feedback of our registered members. When you rate a strain of tested marijuana, you hell inform your community about the effectiveness of that strain. Agree with our analysis? Great! This number will go up! But if you disagree with us, that number will go down. Yet another reason to sign up for your free BudGenius account — helping your fellow man!
  • Box 4 contains our estimations (based on the levels of chemicals found in the tested marijuana) on the medicinal marijuana effects you can expect in each category on a level of 1 to 10. So, in this example, this strain of Orange Diesel would be excellent for nausea relief (as it scored a 10), but not so great for anxiety relief (as it only scores a 3).

Our Visual Analysis

Our Visual Analysis offers an in-depth profile of the tested bud, with multiple hi-res photos of the prescription you should have in your hands. If for any reason you think you might have the wrong bud — maybe there was a mixup at the dispensary — you can use these pictures to closely analyze and compare what you have to the sample we photographed! So whether you use this feature for analysis or simply to enjoy the beauty of your bud in all its glory, you're 100% sure to be satisfied.

The Chemical Analysis

The Chemical Analysis is the all-important breakdown of specific chemical compounds found in the marijuana that give it its unique beneficial traits. Where many other testing labs only look for levels of THC, CBD, and CBN, we're working on expanding our lab's capabilities to evaluate other compounds as well. Next to the analyzed levels of each specific compound, we'll clue you in on the anticipated effect that compound will have. While no scientific test can 100% predict the exact effect the bud will have, we can use these chemical compounds to approximate an effect and use those results to help you make a more informed choice based on your needs.

Peer Reviews

Finally, we have our Peer Reviews. What our medicinal marijuana testing can't tell you, other users can! This section offers overall ratings as well as detailed effectiveness on primary and secondary uses (such as nausea and mood alteration, as shown here) and some helpful information on how the BudGenius member consumed the product. There is also a section where the user can input some personal thoughts on the pros and cons of the marijuana, from potency to availability. There's also a rating system (only available to our registered users) and this is where you can give these reviews a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. When you agree with a user's review, you're not only helping to inform other users, but you're also upping the reviewer's Genius Score! When you see the special icon in the upper right of the review box, that means this user is a BudGenius — they've reviewed many strains, and have done so in such an accurate fashion, their review gets more weight. Reviewers with this icon are usually spot-on in their comments.

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