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Since early 2010, BG Medical Technologies, Inc. and have been successfully working to provide innovating and educational testing solutions to the medical marijuana industry. It is our passionate goal to uncover effectual treatments for critical illnesses through the use of alternative medicines. As the months unfold, the maturity of state policies move closer each month towards making medical marijuana testing a mandatory requirement for marijuana business operators.BudGenius welcomes investors to assist our growth in marijuana research, regional expansion, and ongoing technology improvements.

In December 2011, BG Medical Technologies, Inc. and RightSmile, Inc. (RIGH.PK) announced reverse-merger plans. Following completion of the merger, RightSmile management will formally exit the public entity, and transfer controlling shares to BG Medical Technologies, Inc. Stock name and symbol changes to follow thereafter. The merger is expected to be completed January 2012.


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Angel Stanz, CEO
BG Medical Technologies, Inc.
(855) 723-3283



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