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BG Medical Technologies, Inc. and BudGenius.com Successfully Complete Reverse Merger to Service Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Market

BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (OTC:RIGH) announces the successful completion of a reverse merger with RightSmile, Inc.


RIGH Introduces Incoming CEO Angel Stanz and BudGenius

Angel Stanz, CEO of BG Medical Technologies, Inc., represents an accomplished history having held top positions inside several influential technology development firms.


Alternative Healing Goes High Tech: RightSmile and BG Medical Technologies Merge to Further Transform the Medical Cannabis Market

RightSmile, Inc. (OTC: RIGH.PK) is pleased to announce the details of its pending Reverse Merger, to be completed with BG Medical Technologies, Inc., an industry leader in medical cannabis laboratory analysis.


RightSmile Rolls On With Its Pending Reverse Merger in the Cannabis Market

This industry as reported by CNBC and National Geographic is the latest gold rush to hit the market place. Cannabis has captured the eye of Wall Street and everyone else looking for the next big thing.


Inside Marijuana: Cannabinoid Lab-Testing for Growers and Tokers

BudGenius is a leading innovator, especially in its proprietary method of providing information to dispensaries and patients. Here’s what BudGenius founder and CEO Angel Stanz had to say about the marijuana testing industry.


Inside Marijuana: Lab-Testing Opens New Territory for Growers and Consumers

Simply put, marijuana lab analysis opens up a new age of cannabinoid exploration that will revolutionize the way you grow and use marijuana. At the vanguard of the revolution is California-based BudGenius, one of the most sophisticated marijuana-testing laboratories in North America.


Medical Marijuana Testing Lab Claims to Forecast Personalized Cannabis Treatment

Artificial-intelligence software "BudGenius" correlates chemical analysis with online feedback from thousands of patients to further determine health benefits of medical marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Lab BudGenius.com Takes a Bet on Social Media by Offering Free Website Development

BudGenius.com offers free websites and social media management to marijuana dispensaries demonstrating a commitment to testing medical marijuana for safety and potency.


Busy Monday With Junkman!

GEORGE LYNCH, BudGenius President ANGEL STANZ and Sunset Strip Ringmaster HAPPENIN' HARRY All On The Show!

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