Sample Reports

The current testing standard of only providing THC, CBD, and CBN percentages is old news!

BudGenius is proud to offer the most detailed medical marijuana testing available! Our patent-pending BudGenius® Core Engine™ provides a new spectrum of details to the medical cannabis community. We combine state-of-the-art scientific research on cannabinoids (the "good stuff" in the plant) along with contributed patient reviews to determine the likely effects of each and every strain, automatically! The Core Engine™ is self-learning and becomes more intelligent with every scientific test, and every patient review. BudGenius® combine pure science with human feedback, to bring you more reporting than any other safe cannabis testing company.

Additionally, BudGenius® supports dispensaries by making it easy to keep in touch with their collective through Facebook and Twitter the moment new strain reports become available. We hand you a complete set of advertising tools for FREE to help new patients find your amazing, safe, and certified medicine! (How cool is that, eh?). We even provide rewards to patients that help YOU advertise your strains (Woah!). Of course, patients can search their nearby area to find the best medicine available for their specific needs. Whats's best is that all of this is provided to every medical cannabis patient for FREE, and at rock-bottom prices to EVERY dispensary. Welcome to a prosperous greener world!

BudGenius® offers 2 types of reports for medical marijuana testing and strain information:

  • BudGenius® Scientific Analysis Online Report™View report
  • BudGenius® Scientific Analysis Written Report™View report

BudGenius® also makes available 3 forms of strain identification markers:

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