BudGenius® Badges™

Webmaster REJOICE! We make your job EASY in promoting your dispensaries inventory. For every strain tested you receive a custom online promoter - a BudGenius® Badge™. These are used to quickly show your patients what you've got and how good it is. Everything they patients need to know online is in one easy glance. Want to know more? Just roll your mouse over the badge to receive a mini-report! Want even more data? Click the badge for the full report! Furthermore we write all the website code for you. Once you've logged into your account it's as easy as copy and paste.

Here are two primary reasons for using BudGenius® Badges™:

  1. To show your website visitors the potency of your strains quickly and easily, without any annoying mouse clicks or the need to leave your website.
  2. To use on social advertising sites (Weedmaps.com, Weedtracker.com, etc.) to prove to your potential patients that you test AND you've got the best medicine in their area. There's no need to compete with ads like "we've got the dankest bud, yo" -- or unverified CLAIMS of a THC level - You can PROVE IT with your BudGenius® Badge™.

The sweet icing on the cake to all of this is that other users can share and trade badges too! We think this is such a great idea for helping dispensaries, we provide free goods to patients by giving them BudGenius® Budpoints™ incentives just for helping to promote your strains. We know how great it can be for patients to find the right medicine for their needs. When they do, we want their social circle to know it's your medicine that met their needs.

Oh? You thought BudGenius® was just a testing laboratory? :)

Strain potency testing is just the beginning. We're here to help you, your patients, and the community with exciting innovations!

When you rollover the badge, you'll see this! Try it now!

Badge Rollover example
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