BudGenius® Strain ID Cards™

Every strain tested receives an eye-catching BudGenius Strain ID Card. These cards contain statistics of the strain, a photograph, and standardized bar coding for inventory tracking. They look very similar to a driver's license. Each card is also coated with a secure hologram to identify its BudGenius® authenticity. We recommend that dispensaries place these cards within product display cases on or near each medicinal strain. These cards create quite a buzz with patients! Our estatic clients have reported the following experiences:

  • Reduces buyer contemplation time, by reducing questions at the counter
  • Improves sales for higher ranking cannabinoid strains (up to 4x!)
  • Improves reputation of the dispensary by showing a public interest in in providing verified medical data
  • Confirms to each patient that every strain has been tested by a third party for safe consumption
  • Creates a greater sense of trust between patient and dispensary.

Card Front:

Card front

Card Back:

Card back

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