Medical Marijuana Testing

BudGenius® accepts cannabis selections from your strain collection and returns to you the most comprehensive reporting package in the industry. At your request, a BudGenius® team member visits you at your dispensary. Each collected sample is then assigned a unique BudGenius® StrainId™ and delivered to one of our regional laboratories across the USA. Shortly thereafter you will be notified by email that your BudGenius® reports are available online. Within 24 hours you will receive your physical reports at your doorstep. If you choose to provide your BudGenius® StrainId™ to your patients (and we highly recommend that you do!), they too will then be able to learn important details about your products to help guide their medicinal purchases.

All of your testing results are stored online within your BudGenius® Portfolio™. This helps to organize all your reports into one convenient location. From your portfolio you may choose which reports you want to share to the public, and which that you may want to keep private (a pesticide problem perhaps?). As a dispensary you may choose to send notification of your new strains to your customer base, and as a grower you can share detailed results on your fantastic new crop to prospective buyers.

When customers see the BudGenius® certification logo they know your medicine is as good as you say it is!

We Meet High Expectations

  • Results in Less Than ONE day! We know how fast you process medicine to your patients. Our labs were built with speed and accuracy to serve you best.
  • The BudGenius® Effects Analysis™. The BudGenius® Core Engine™ calculates the medicinal compounds found in each strain, and then combines the best available scientific data with written patient review data to provide you the most accurate effects analysis on a per strain basis. BudGenius® is dedicated to serving as the quality and safety standard for all medicinal cannabis users.
  • A BudGenius® Certified Dispensary Report™ in written form certified by one of our resident Lab Geniuses. We recommend you include this report in a binder for your customers to preview. For your prize strains, we recommend framing the report on the wall!
  • A BudGenius® Certified Patient Report™ in online form available on both your website and ours. Patients, scientists, master growers and bud connoisseurs are invited to view the unique character, visual details, and exacting chemical analysis reports to witness the subtle details of your strain and behold the unique character of your bud. Your mothers will be proud.
  • A tamper proof BudGenius® StrainId Card™. This cannabis identification card is perfect for in-store placement to insure patients that your medicine is an authentic match to the provided report. StrainId Cards™ are inlaid with a product photograph and holographic identifiers similar to passport identification technology.
  • A set of BudGenius® StrainCertified Labels™. These small and informative labels help augment product packaging and certify that your product is free of harmful pathogens. The BudGenius® StrainId™ on each label guides customers to BudGenius® Certified Patient Reports™ that are freely available online for their review. We feel that it’s important for your customers to be able to have access their medication details at all times.
  • Your own BudGenius® Portfolio™. This is your communications and organization hub for medications that you’re currently offering and the history of medications you’ve offered in the past. As a dispensary this will help you reorder and track popular medications from trusted growers. As a grower this empowers you to more effectively track the quality and consistency of each product harvest.

But Wait, There's More!

  • BudGenius® Strain Badges™  (instant mini-reports)
  • Strain Posting to Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Free Internet Advertising Tools
  • Community Reviews
  • Patient Rewards for Community Interaction

Easily post strain info to your website and advertisements!

We HARNESS the power of social networking for you!

Strain search engine optimization, analytics, and more!

Motivate your collective through BudPoints™ Rewards!

Connoisseurs of quality medicine, rejoice, you get Free Stuff!


For every strain submitted for testing, BudGenius® gives you a complete online and offline package to represent the excellence of your medicine. BudGenius® recommends testing your inventory twice per month to show your clientelle that your results are always up to date. To offset the costs of testing, BudGenius offers monthly discount packages. For even further discounts, contact our sales department about bulk monthly packages!

(Hey! Sometimes our Genius team offers up a few initial FREE testings to verified dispensaries to get them comfortable with the testing process and so they can see how patients enjoy making informed medicinal decisions ...but shhhh! Don't tell them you read that little secret here!)

We offer the following comprehensive reporting packages to our BudGenius® Testing Partners:

Have one of our Genius team call you today to learn more about how BudGenius® provides in-depth details about your medical marijuana to your patients, while also helping you grow your collective online and offline. We're in this together, and we're happy to be serving you!

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