BudGenius® is postively affecting dispensaries, doctors, and patient interactions every day! Take a moment to read the wonderful feedback we've received from our clients and visitors. Share some love of your own, and tell us how YOU feel.

Humboldt County Housewives

Grower, Northern California

As a representative of a select group of Humboldt County gardeners, the services that BudGenius has provided lends validation to our craft. We are proud of our work and in estalbishing relationships with collectives and patients. We believe that BudGenius is helping pave the way to conscious medical administration. The option of an interactive website will make it possible for us to stay up north, doing what we do best, and still have accurate and up to date information for our Southern California associates."

Diska, V420 Cannabis Infused Vodka & Rum

Manufacturer, Long Beach, California

Thank you to the Bud Genius crew and especially to Angel. Your website and company really give a more professional feel to our product. V420 is intriguing enough upon describing it (cannabis infused vodka and cannabis infused rum -- who wouldn't want to try it?). But if one is just a little bit reluctant I say...

"Look, we are testing our shots for potency!"

Once I show the BudGenius Strain ID Card, the deal is sealed.
BudGenius, You Rock!

Shangri La Cooperative, Inc.

Cooperative, Ojai, California

Shangri La Care Cooperative Inc. is the first closed private membership club in Ventura County. Our goal is to help our club members with all the aspects of organic gardening and the medicinal use of herbs for their health and well-being. Members have access to a variety of medicinal herbs that can benefit sick and disabled people.

Having a testing facility of BudGenius’s caliber raises the integrity bar. BudGenius tests our products for THC, CBD, and CBN content and allows our members to make an educated decision on what herbs work best for them. BudGenius thoroughly tests for all impurities such as pesticides, molds, and other non-organic material. This testing assures our members they are getting the healthiest and most organic herbs available.
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